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Norton Internet Security is perhaps the most useful online security tool
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Norton Internet Security is perhaps the most useful online security tool. It bundles all the protection tools that are needed to keep a computer connected to the Internet safe. The most basic of these components is the anti-virus program. Norton Antivirus is one of the most powerful ones out there, and it powers Norton Internet Security. Viruses represent a great share of the threats that a user can stumble upon on the Internet, but there also are spyware, adware, scams, etc. Norton Internet Security protects you against all of them. All of these protection tools are integrated into a single main application, from which all of them can be accessed and configured. Liveupdate will make sure that your virus definitions are always up-to-date. I've had some difficulty getting this version to work on Windows Vista, but I have successfully installed newer versions. This is perhaps the most complete and powerful security package out there and it certainly makes me feel like I am safe from all those bugs. Should your system get infected with a virus or spyware, or both, Norton Internet Security will take care of them, but its goal is to never let one in.

José Fernández
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Guest #35169629

Guest #35169629 After having held the burden of downloading Norton a couple of days ago, I registered for a trial period, updated the databases even before running the first scan which totalizes a lot of MB/s. I run the antivirus on a full computer round. Awaited for hours (hence, my data storage is considerably big enough for the fast scan to take an hour) & half a day later, the scan completed. Many infections yet uncaught by previously running, multiple security scanners were surprisingly spotted by this one! Nice, very nice indeed,mostly dgen.exe that exploits CPU's capabilities up to the limit on doing nothing at all, thus, slowing dramatically the course of all the rest of the processes. Though I've quarantined & deleted this file in the past by the use of other different means at the time, not to mention having to disable it after each restart, before judging to delete it.
I thought I've got rid of it for good because my PC recovered its usual speed, I was surprised lately by what Norton 1st full PC scan came up with: many infections reminiscences were spotted inside my system images, as well as my old backups.
But the disaster occurred when I decided to deepen the cleansing after the 1st full Norton scan, it wiped some crucial files that weren't infected, though important for the functioning of other application, including my CAD simulator. So I had to restore the entire system back to the preinstallation period & lost by doing so the Norton Scanner.
Oh by the way, I've sent few words of comment to Norton by filling the appropriate check box & have forwarded the results of that long scan. I also rated the program (take a guess)...
The next day I was surprised by coincidentally finding what Norton Security has recently discovered in terms of five-stages built malware while reading the Sofware Informer article by Tanasu.

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Eroticus Using it already 8 years on 3 home PCs.

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Guest #26990621

Guest #26990621 Norton is a great antivirus, there's no doubt about this. And it provides cloud protection.

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